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At the Detailing Studio we offer a high-quality bike detailing service.  From a thorough deep clean through to a full machine polish with a choice of ACF50, Lanoguard coatings and ceramic coating packages for the ultimate in protection.


The Detailing Studio is a certified studio for IGL Ceramic Coatings, meaning we can offer the best protection for all your painted surfaces including Kenzo, the only coating which has 5+ years lifespan.  We use other professional brand coatings too this ensures the correct coating is used on different materials.


With a 3.2-Ton bike lift and a large collection of adaptors, we can cater for even the largest bike in our secure detailing studio.  


Deep Clean Package

First the bike is thoroughly rinsed to loosen dirt & grime, followed by a Citrus prewash and a Snowfoam application to soften stubborn dirt


This is followed by another careful rinse to wash away the dirt encapsulated within the Snowfoam,  then hand washed & rinsed, before a course of tar removal and rinsed.


The purpose of this service is to thoroughly deep clean your bike as a stand alone service either because it hasn't been properly cleaned  in a long while, or as a preparation for one of our protection packages which are perfect for preserving the looks of your bike for a very long time.  Protecting your bike makes future cleaning easy and the surfaces protected against the elements.


The cleaning process can take many hours to complete depending on the condition of the bike and involves several processes and tools to achieve the desired result.  


Once the cleaning stage is complete and the bike is back in the Studio, the next stages are carried out, such as: difficult to reach areas cleaned using a variety of brushes, compressed air and steam vaporisation. 


The bike is dried using a blower.  The method of touchless drying ensures no paintwork or trim is damaged caused by wiping with a towel.


The chain and rear sprocket can be cleaned & degreased before re-lubing the chain.


✔ Header pipe cleaning

✔ Hand polishing of all painted surfaces

✔ Dedicated wheel wax applied to the wheels for protection

✔ Treating the engine area to a special protective spray

✔ Long lasting wax applied to all painted areas


This service will take up to 2 full days to complete. 

from £220

Bronze Detail Package

This is the first of our three top level detailing packages.  

The BRONZE package offers 2-3 years of protection and consists of the following elements:

✔ Thorough Deep Clean as explained above

✔ Panels removed

✔ All painted areas are machine polished to remove scratches, swirls, marks & blemishes to revive the paint back to an 'As New' condition

✔ Engine area coated with appropriate coating.  The ACF50 or Lanoguard coating will not only protect the area but also restore faded parts back to black for up to 2 years.

✔ All other black trim coated

✔ Exposed frame parts coated with appropriate coating

✔ Wheels hand polished to a high shine

✔ Wheels then coated


Panels are removed to enable proper edge to edge machine polishing.  This ensures a professional finish.


Once polished, the panels are then coated and left to cure overnight to ensure the coating is fully bonded to the panel.    All panels are then put back on the bike the following day


The main coating used for this package is Quartz from IGL.  This is a great all round coating and is designed to be used on paint, metal, plastic and wheels.  Quartz offers over 2 years of protection with an excellent shine.


This service will take approximately 2 1/2 days to complete

from £280


Silver Detail Package

✔ As Bronze above but using Quartz Plus offering a deeper gloss and up to 3-4 years protection. 

from £320

Gold Detail Package

✔ As Bronze above but using Kenzo our top of the range ceramic offering 5 years+ protection, outstanding gloss and 10K hardness

from £360

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