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The Detailing Studio, Klassic Kleen, are pleased to announce the launch of our SKOOL OF KLEEN series of training programme's.


Skool of Kleen programme's are designed for all enthusiasts who wish to know the safe and correct ways that professionals care for and detail vehicles in our charge. Regardless of your existing skill set, or to what depth you wish to take your knowledge and skills too, Skool of Kleen have a training package to suit.

The Skool of Kleen offer Two Training Courses:

Foundation Course

The Foundation course is a full days’ practical course limited to a maximum of 10 people covering everything you need to know.  How to complete an entire decontamination wash process, exploring each step in detail before you perform the process.  Questions are expected and answered as we work our way through the course.  Once all the stages have been covered, we then briefly take time to explore machine polishing as an introduction to our Advance course. Refreshments are provided throughout the day together with lunch.

Limited to 10 places

1 Day Foundation Course cost: £69

Our Next Foundation Course Date is: 



Places Limited Due to Demand - Register Now!

Advanced Course

For those who wish to take their skills and knowledge to the next level, this is a two-day course.   The Advance course covers all aspects of paint correction, including wet sanding, scratch removal and blending.  The course covers working with a wide range of polishers, these range from micro rotary, various size dual action, and mains or battery powered rotary machines, together with the range of pads and compounds. All work is carried out on donor bonnets and panels so don’t worry, you won’t be wrecking yours or another vehicle whilst you practice.  Refreshments are provided throughout the day and lunch on both days

Limited to 10 places

2 Day Advanced Course cost: £199

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