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As the name suggests, we are a studio-based service.  We have 2 unique studios where the magic happens.


Studio 1 is totally enclosed and includes fume extraction, 2 forms of heating which are used to cure ceramics, and suitable conditions for machine polishing compounds to work at their best.   Specific lighting has been installed to reveal all hidden imperfections within the paint, which allows us to see the depth of gloss as we rework your vehicles paintwork.  This studio also contains a vehicle lift.  This allows us to continuously raise and lower your vehicle enabling us to carry out the detailed work on all panels at any angle, thus getting the best results.


Studio 2 is our newest addition.  Here we are able to do preparation work and removal of minor imperfections that do not require the full facilities of Studio 1.  This studio is equipped with the latest design 3.2ton vehicle lift and appropriate lighting.  Studio 2 is a major asset to the business.


Scroll down to explore just some of the extensive services we offer.


The enhancement process is used to restore the gloss level and lustre back to the paint surface giving depth of colour and clarity to the paint.  This process will follow on from the correction process or will be performed on vehicle showing swirls created by incorrect washing and polishing techniques.   The enhancement stage normally consists of multiple passes of both rotary and or dual action orbital machines combined with different cutting polishing pads and compounds allowing us to refine the paintwork back to the required level.


Regardless of the age of the vehicle, the enhancement process will work on older and brand new vehicles.  Yes, a brand new vehicle delivered direct from a dealership will have paint defects that can be refined



At the Detailing Studio, we use the correction process to safely remove scratches, swirl marks, marring normally caused by bird droppings and other imperfections that appear in and on the paintwork and gloss trims of the vehicle.

The processes we use at the Detailing Studio range from wet sanding deep scratches and all marring, machine polishing lighter scratches and swirls to spot painting chips then flattening and machining

Photo 10-02-2022, 22 25 06.jpeg


The protection process is the application of traditional products like glazes, that fill and reduce the presence of micro swirls and micro paint defects, leaving a base to apply a suitable polish to protect from UV rays and the weather, whilst creating a gloss enhancer and water beading barrier. A wax can then also be applied creating yet another layer of protection and further enhancing the gloss levels. These are traditional methods that will of course wear off over time.  More modern products available include liquid waxes, quick detailer, spray sealants and of course ceramics


Ceramic coatings are fast becoming the paint protection and enhancement coating of choice.

Ceramic coatings replace traditional products such as glazes, polishes and waxes.  The coating is a very fine liquid that is applied directly to prepared paintwork and creates a semi-permanent bond, binding itself to the surface.  The results are stunning creating a deep gloss appearance whilst simplifying the vehicles ongoing upkeep as the coating helps repel dirt and unwanted materials from binding themselves to the surface. 

Coatings are rated in hardness levels and length of durability between 1 to approx. 7 years.  However, these amazing products do come at a premium because of the extent of work required to the bodywork of the vehicle.  A full decontamination process, paint correction, and any residues removed before the coating is applied and heat cured. 

Of course, you do not have to follow this process, but if you chose to apply a ceramic straight to an unprepared surface, damaged areas, such as  scratches, swirl marks etc will be trapped under the coating when it cures.

At The Detailing Studio we have a vast range of Ceramic coatings for almost every material and surface of your vehicle, these include, paint, glass, wheels, calipers, plastics, leather, we even have a specific coating that can be applied to PPF (Paint Protection Film), which is becoming very popular at present.



Over time soft top hoods become clogged with general grime, this in turn makes the colour look dull and water repellent properties reduced. At The Detailing Studio offer a range of services to rejuvenate, enhance and protect your convertible hood.

A deep clean using safe products and tools to dislodge years of ground-in dirt and open the fibres of the material. 

Colouring: Using special dyes that enrich the original colour of the hood giving a vibrant new look.

Proofing: the last process is to apply multiple levels of a water repellent product that soaks deep into the hood and creates a waterproof chemical barrier giving that beading look and at the same time, adding a UV protection barrier


Modern headlights are constructed by using plastic or polycarbonate materials and can be subject to various problems. These include, clouding, UV bleaching, road rash and discolouring caused by daytime running lights.

However, it is possible to restore the clarity using rubbing and polishing techniques and then sealing the lens to maintain its clarity



The Detailing Studio offer various wheel packages, these include 

  • Deep cleaning and polishing

  • Alloy repair and kerbing damage removal

  • Stone chips and various damage

  • Acid stripping

  • Powder coating

  • Painting

  • Diamond cutting

  • And lacquering in matt, satin and gloss finish

And finally, a specialist high temperature wheel ceramic to protect from corrosive brake dust and general dirt


At the Detailing Studio, we offer a deep clean and protection caliper service. These are deep cleaned using our amazing WK1 or WK2 non-acidic wheel cleaners, steam cleaned by hand with specialist equipment.  Once they are cleaned a high-temperature ceramic coating is applied to protect the finish and aid the future cleaning process

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