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How does giving your vehicle a bath with NO water but also getting STUNNING results sound? Klassic Kleen Fast Wax Kleen n Show is an eco-friendly waterless wash system that can be used to wash and wax parts of a vehicle exterior, excluding windscreens, with fantastic results.


Ground-breaking eco-friendly waterless vehicle wash that can be used to clean and polish any part of a vehicle.

Effectively allows the user to clean a full vehicle anywhere negating the use of water without compromising the finish.

Ideal for both the vehicle enthusiast and those in a hurry for that show shine. Other sizes available 1L, 5L. Supplied with 1 spray gun.

Other products available check them out in our listings or contact The Detailing Studio for full eco-friendly product range details.


Our Klassic Kleen products are sympathetic to both classic and modern vehicles and are non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. Giving the results you want to show off your vehicle in showroom condition.

Fast Wax

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