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Whilst wearing an expensive suit you wouldn’t go out without polish your shoes. The same is for your vehicle, you wouldn’t clean it without dressing your tyres. Using Klassic Kleen Trim n Tyre will give you that finishing touch. Also effective on all external plastic trim giving the perfect sheen finish.

An unrivalled, water based environmentally friendly silicone emulsion product that contains absolutely no solvent or petroleum based ingredients and can be safely used on external and internal rubber, plastic and leather surfaces.
Effortlessly enhances the appearance by producing a showroom finish and seals surface against traffic film, moisture and dust.
Specially formulated for ease of use with its non-greasy, non-solvent properties means overspray can be easily cleaned. Supplied with 1 spray gun

Other products available check out our listing or call for the full eco-friendly product range details.


Our Klassic Kleen products are sympathetic to both classic and modern vehicles and are non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. Giving the results you want to show off your vehicle in showroom condition.

Trim n Tyre

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