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You have just given your vehicle a gorgeous make over but now it is time to move onto the windows. Our Krystal Clear, Glass n Plastic cleaner is ideal for removing dirt, grime, finger marks, grease plus much more on all your glass and plastic windows.

A specially formulated fast action glass cleaner, which quickly and efficiently removes dirt, haze, grime, grease, finger marks, nicotine, flies, adhesives and traffic film leaving a crystal clear smear free finish.

This high-performance liquid glass formula effortlessly lifts dirt, cleans and polishes glass and plastic surfaces. Simply aim, spray and polish off to revitalise windows, mirrors and plastic trims.

Totally safe and easy to use formula contains no ammonia abrasives or silicones.
Ideal for both the vehicle enthusiast and those in a hurry for that show shine. Other sizes available 1L, 5L Supplied with 1 spray gun

Our Klassic Kleen products are sympathetic to both classic and modern vehicles and are non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. Giving the results you want to show off your vehicle in showroom condition.

Krystal Clear: Glass n Plastic Cleaner 5L

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